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Dave and Mary Ann Eloe

Tell us how you got started with a Corvette, how many have you owned
My first  Corvette was a 50th Anniversary Convertible that I traded in last year for a 900 mile 2015 3LT, Z51 Convertible. I have always loved Corvettes since I was small and my favorite is still the C2 body as I consider it a work of art.

Where do you live, number of kids, how did you meet? How long you’ve been married?

We have lived in Highlands Ranch the last 15 years and in south metro Denver the last 33 years.  I am originally from Nebraska and Illinois and Mary Ann from New York. We met in High School in Boulder even though we went to rival High Schools.  We have been married 41 years and have two children and six grandchildren.

Where do you work?

I have been employed in the automobile business for the last 41 years as CFO and have been at my present dealership for the last 27 years. Mary Ann has been a RN for 40 years and has been employed at Medical Center of Aurora for 30 years.

Sports or crafts you enjoy

My hobbies are mostly sports related. I am a sports nut and enjoy playing golf. I am a vintage sports card Collector and have enjoyed reliving my childhood by collecting. Mary Ann is a quilter, enjoys baking, sewing and being a Nana.

Club Activities interested in

We especially look forward to the mystery trips and road rallys.

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