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Update - Mag Ride Calibration Upgrade

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There is updated information regarding the Magnetic Ride Suspension Control calibration software upgrade as explained via a couple of good posts on the Corvette Forum which cover the most recent details regarding the upgrade that was announced in October 2017. One post, in the Ask Tadge section, is a very good read and has information straight from Jim Mero, the Corvette Ride and Handling Engineer who developed the calibration upgrades offered through GM Performance Accessories. Another post, in the C7 Z06 section, shares a dealer bulletin that was sent out on 01/31/2018 regarding availability and new models covered.

Jim Mero states that the new calibrations are all part of the 2019 production fitment. He also mentions that it takes a significant amount of work and time to validate each calibration (Tour, Sport, and Track modes) because each Corvette chassis package has their own individual calibrations.

Jim also addresses why there is not a Z51 Track mode calibration update (yet) but there is a calibration update for the base C7 (to which he explains the F55 suspension was never intended to be a track car). Another confusing question was answered regarding the 2017 Grand Sport where it received a partial representation of the revised tuning philosophy and that the 2017 and 2018 Grand Sports will get the new calibrations sometime in the 1Q of 2018.

Jim provides an extensive, first hand explanation of the changes that were made to each of the MRC modes along with a description of the changes. Read the whole post, particularly the first page, here:

The dealer bulletin, which is posted in the C7 Z06 forum section, provides specific information and instruction to the dealers because apparently some did not know how to go about ordering or installing the updates. The bulletin makes it clear that the customer cost is $350 which is to cover "ALL COST" according to the bulletin. It also states that, after the updated calibration is applied, the vehicle does not need to stay at the dealer for 8-10 hours to allow the damper temperatures to normalize, and the temperature offset in the calibration to accurately reset. It is recommended, however that this time interval pass before any spirited or track driving.

This bulletin is very detailed and provides a lot of information regarding the years, models of Corvettes and the corresponding changes made to the individual calibrations. To read more about this, please read the post here:

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