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Corvette is Most Loved Premium Coupe and Convertible

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As members of a Corvette Club, we are obviously passionate about the Corvette brand and enjoy any positive press that America's Sports Car receives by auto industry media. While the latest and greatest generation of Corvette is very popular and a large portion of our club has a C7, for me it is the love for the brand and appreciation for all the previous generations of Corvette that makes me a Vette enthusiast.

As previously mentioned regarding positive press, the Corvette has received another award of recognition. This time the recognition is not from the media, but its most important constituency, it's owners. On November 30 of this year, Strategic Vision, a leading research company in buyer feedback and emotional response studies, announced its Customer Love Index winners. The Customer Love Index (CLI) measures the amount of love that buyers feel toward their new vehicle. From Strategic Visions website, "'Love' is the holy grail of the customer experience. Our research shows that true advocacy and brand loyalty begins not when buyers are simply 'satisfied', but when they truly love their experience! Vehicles and brands that perform well in the Customer Love Index are much more likely to see an increase in loyalty and future sales."(Source: )

Strategic Vision polled more than 34,000 Americans who purchased a new vehicle between October 2017 and April 2017. Once these owners had their car, truck, or SUV for 90 days, they were sent a survey to provide their feedback, impressions, and love. This year, the Corvette Coupe received the highest score the Premium Coupe class and the Corvette Convertible scored the highest in the Premium Convertible/Roadster class.

What makes these wins even more impressive is how high the scores were for the Corvette. The Coupe scored 603 points in winning its class while the Convertible scored 644 points. Not only did the Corvettes have the highest scores among all the cars to win a class, but they were the only two cars to score in the 600's and the only other vehicle that scored higher in any category is the Tesla Model X SUV. (source: )

The following table of Most Loved winners and scores is from Strategic Vision's website.

Regardless of what Corvette generation we own, we should all be proud and happy to see positive accolades for current models.. Who knows, without all the press and sales success, GM might not be so inclined to further develop the platform and continue building our favorite car. I, for one, want to see our Corvette continue its historic legacy and lineage from the C7, forthcoming C8, and beyond.

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