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Orange Crush Corvette

Sebring Orange Photo from NCM website:

Broncos fans will be able to order a new Corvette with a color that "Matches an Orange Crush can" and will be available to order in mid-October for a planned December production time. I can visualize how someone might customize a Corvette with this color with blue wheels, window tint, spoilers, etc.

All fun aside, the new color is actually called Sebring Orange and will be a metallic color. It was first presented at the Corvettes at Carlisle event and its development supposedly came about due to comments and feedback at the NCM Bash the past few years for a, "fun, flashy color like bright orange" as quoted in the NCM article by Corvette Product Marketing Manager Harlan Charles.

Sebring Orange will be replacing the Black Rose color option which ended after a two model year run, 2017-2018. The final production numbers for Black Rose was 1,333 for MY 2017 and 219 for MY 2018. The Black Rose was an interesting color, but far from popular based on the above production numbers.

I, for one, am glad that Chevy continues to offer color options that stand out from the very common, red, black, white colors. This gives buyers the freedom to choose something outside of the typical color palette while providing a means to express some individuality. Being one who owned the beautiful Daytona Sunset Orange Mettallic, I am always interested in an orange Corvette.

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