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Fastest Corvette Ever to Go Up Pikes Peak

Photo Larry Chen. Source:

"So let me set the stage for you. It’s 5 a.m. It’s dark. I’ve had maybe four hours of sleep. I’m in the driver’s seat of an 850 horsepower race car that less than 90 days ago was a street car at a salvage auction. That has had an entire six laps of testing. And I’m about to head up one of the most extreme mountain roads in the world as fast as I can.

Hell yeah, what could go wrong?"

So, if that does not get your attention, what will? LOL. The intro above was taken from Part 5 of a series on about a salvage title C7 Z06 being modified to take on the Pikes Peak race. It is quite an interesting read and the video of owner and driver of the Z06, Rob Holland, race run up the mountain is exhilirating and exciting.

What piqued my interest in this story is seeing this car at High Plains earlier this year. I had just gotten my new C7 Grand Sport in Admiral Blue and upon arriving at the track that day, I saw another C7 Vette there that appeared to be the same Admiral Blue of my car. As the fun day at the track wore on, word quickly spread about the guy and the salvage title Corvette that was there.

Well about a month a later, I was perusing the Internet for Corvette related articles to share on this Blog and came across Part I of Robb's story of his salvage Z06 and plans to modify it into a Pikes Peak hill climb race car.

Link: I Bought A Salvage Corvette Z06 And Now I’m Going To Race It Up Pikes Peak

Anyhow, the other parts of this story culminate with Robb's last minute completion of the race build and his accounts and in-car video of his blast up Pikes Peak that resulted in his placing 4th in the Time Attack I bracket and 16th fastest car overall from a field of very heavy modified and specialized Pikes Peak race cars. The video below is linked to Robb's YouTube site and here are the remaining links to the story of how a new C7 Z06 went from being driven into a ditch to the top of Pikes Peak.

How I’m Turning A Salvage Corvette Z06 Into A (Hopefully) Death-Proof Race Car

Turning A Salvage Corvette Z06 Into A Race Car Is A Pain In The Ass

Turning A Salvage Corvette Z06 Into A Racecar Is The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

My Salvage Z06 Is The Fastest Corvette Ever To Go Up Pikes Peak

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