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New Braunfels Texas Police Department Adds a Corvette Z06 to Fleet

New Braunfels Police Department photo

We’ve all heard the saying that everything’s bigger in Texas and the New Braunfels Police Department is demonstrating this with the addition of a 2007 Corvette Z06 to their fleet. Oh, and it’s not just an “ordinary” Z06, but one that has been modified to produce 1,005 horsepower! While having a Corvette put into police service is unusual, the purpose of this black and white Z06 will not be chasing down triple digit speeders, but performing community service and outreach.

The Corvette, nicknamed Coptimus Prime, was seized in a methamphetamine raid along with other cars, jewelry, guns, cash, and property all valued at more than $1 million. Since the courts determined that the Corvette was purchased with drug money, after the convictions were handed down, the Corvette wound up back in NBPD custody, at which point it was fixed up, wrapped, and bedecked in cop car lights with the help of other money seized by the department. All funds used to wrap the vehicle (not paint), add lights, and engine maintenance come from other seized funds. (Gas comes from the city's General Fund as part of fleet).

In an interview with KENS CBS 5, New Braunfels Police Department communications coordinator David Ferguson said, "Our department is always looking for ways to interact with our community in a positive way. We decided to make it a community outreach tool. "It's kind of like a driving billboard for drug dealers and criminals saying 'Hey look, crime doesn't pay.'"

Here in Colorado, Bandimere Speedway hosts a Colorado State Patrol “Take it to the Track” event most every Wednesday during the Summer, so how cool would it be to see something like this going down a local quarter mile track or perhaps rolling into a Cars and Coffee event?


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