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NCCC - Family Helping Family Program

Image from National Council of Corvettes website

If you are traveling and something happens to you or your car, wouldn’t it be better to have a fellow NCCC member to help you out instead of a stranger? The National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) offers a program to its members called Family Helping Family to answer this question.

The Central Colorado Corvette Club is a member of the NCCC (commonly called “N triple-C”), which provides our members additional benefits beyond just being part of our wonderful club.

For example, most of us may be aware that the NCCC provides access to numerous Member discounts with participating vendors such as rental car companies, tire companies, after market automotive accessories, etc. The NCCC also provides its member clubs with various insurance policies such as General Liability, Umbrella, Participant Accident Policy, Crime, and Director & Officer Policies. Click on the following link for a list of current discounts for members: and click this link for more information regarding NCCC insurance:

However, as mentioned earlier, the NCCC also offers its members support from fellow members around the country with the Family Helping Family program. Family Helping Family volunteers offer a vast wealth of information and knowledge to fellow NCCC members who might be traveling and experience car issues during a trip, looking for parts, provide advice on a good place to eat, or provide dealer or shop recommendations for repair services.

As of May 3, 2017, there are 145 Family Helping Family volunteer members in 20 states. These members have agreed to provide assistance for free and to respond as soon as possible or find someone else who can if they are unable. It is the program’s goal that of the members who sign up to provide assistance, there would be a pool of individuals where there might be someone with mechanical knowledge, someone who has a trailer, or even someone with a spare bed.

To take advantage of the Family Helping Family program’s good will and generosity during a time of need, each NCCC member has a username and password to access the NCCC Members Only web page (4C members should contact our club’s Governor for this information if you do not have it). Upon logging in with your NCCC member credentials, you will be able to look up the contact information for Family Helping Family members in the network by region, zip code, or all members. Out of courtesy and respect, please use this contact information only for which it was designed and do not make public any Family Helping Family member contact information for solicitations, jokes, or other non-pertinent reasons.

Thanks to the NCCC and its Family Helping Family volunteer members for offering this program.


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