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Bowling Green Plant Solar Array Can Generate 1.2M KWh

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The Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant may soon be known as much for making green power in addition to greenbacks for GM and green for Bowling Green's regional economy to the tune of $88.4M in paid wages. Green is good, right?

As reported by Charles Mason on March 27, 2017 in the Bowling Green Daily News, a ribbon cutting is scheduled in late Spring for the 850 kilowatt solar array at the Corvette plant. The array is the largest by any automaker in Kentucky and it is expected to generate approximately 1.2M KWh of energy per year, enough to produce about 850 Corvettes.

The article goes on to state that GM leads the automotive industry in solar use citing the "Solar Means Business" report released by the Solar Energy Industries Association. The Bowling Green array, in addition to arrays installed in Rochester and Warren, will mean that GM will house 11.4 megawatts of solar arrays across 16 U.S. facilities. To read more from Charles Mason's article, click here: GM Plant Solar Array Can Generate 1.2M KWH

General Motors initially announced its continuing investment in clean, renewable, energy on December 1, 2015 in a GM Press Release located here: Solar Array at Corvette Plant Drives GM to Lead in Solar Energy Use. This news release also quotes Rob Threlkeld, GM Global Manager of Renewable Energy, as saying, "Corvette customers are passionate about their vehicles because of their design, technology and precision performance. Offering them a product that is partially built using green energy will be another proof point that they're driving a true supercar." Globally, GM will be capable of producing 48 megawatts at 22 facilities which would take up a space equivalent to 130 football field.

To learn more about GM's commitment to environment and read posts regarding their green efforts, visit their Green Blog at:


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