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So Why is the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Shutting Down for So Long?

Photo from website on 03-18-17

As most everyone who follows Corvette related news has probably heard by now, the Bowling Green Assembly Plant will be shutting down for at least a couple of months after production of the 2017 models ends in June. However, what is interesting about the plant shutdown and what it means has lead to some fascinating speculation.

The website has a great article posted on March 11, 2017 by Rob Loszewski that is titled, "So Why is the Bowling Green Corvette Assembly Plant Shutting Down for So Long?" that proposes another reason why the plant shutdown will be for several months. There are a couple of "before and after" overhead satellite photos of the assembly plant in the article that shows the scope and magnitude of the expansion that has been performed on this facility. Additionally, there are some cool spy photos posted of the car code named "Zora" that is surmised to be the long rumored mid engine version of the Corvette. The prediction Loszewski makes in the article is that there is more than meets the eye regarding the addition of a new "paint shop" (as some have called it) to the plant.

Could it be that the front engine Corvette will actually be built alongside a mid engine variant? Take a look at Loszewski's article linked above in yellow and follow along to see what you think of his predicted outcome regarding the plant shut down.


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