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Getting Ready for Car Show Season: Detailing "How To's"

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Well, with the string of upper 70's and low 80's forecast for the next 4 or 5 days here in Colorado, and the extra hour of daylight thanks to Daylight Savings Time, Spring and Summer are beckoning us to get our Corvettes ready for the upcoming car show season. (Yes, we all know that March and April are our snowiest winter months, so "Hush...")

This said, there are a number of folks in our club who seem to be particularly adept at cleaning and detailing their car to an impressive shine and finish, so they are already "experts" and perhaps inspire others to strive to the same level of cleanliness and shiny brilliance. To help those of us that want to achieve the desired state of cleanly "perfection", here are a couple of helpful resources that provide some "How To" education to motivate us.

First, the has an article published on March 14, 2016 by Charlie Gaston that is titled, Corvette: How to Wash and Wax Your Corvette, that is a good read. The suggestion for using clay bar to remove gritty feeling gunk embedded in the topcoat of your paint is a personal favorite that has always left the surface of my car as smooth as glass and ready for a good sealant or wax application. We all probably have our own personal preference of wash, cleaners, wax, etc., but we also most likely follow a very similar regimen and sequence of processes on our own Corvettes as described in the article.

Next up is a library of video How To's from Adam's Polishes. In the Adam's Detailing Library at there are numerous FAQ's, Pro Tips, and "Ask the Shine Doc" video How To's to review. Our club has a few members who have vinyl stripes on their car, myself included, so I found the video on how to Care for Factory Vinyl Stripes to be an informative and useful tip and hopefully, others will find this helpful as well. In another good library segment, the Ask The Shine Doc answers the very popular question, "How do I apply conditioner to leather seats without clogging up the perforations?" Watch the video Treating Perforated Leather Seats for a "secret" tip that would have helped me to avoid this problem in the past. One part of the secret is the amount of conditioner you use, and you'll have to watch the video for the other part.

Hopefully, the advice and suggestions in the above mentioned articles will provide some guidance and/or reinforce the good practices that we already possess in keeping our Corvettes shiny, beautiful, and ready for the upcoming car show season.

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