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For you C4 Lovers: Mad Modded 1994 ZR-1 – New Benchmark Of Corvette Cool

1994 ZR-1 picture from

In another great article by Dave Cruikshank posted 02/15/17 on, the story of Mike Gill and his sweetly modified 1994 Corvette ZR-1 is presented. There are also quite a few pictures of this beautiful car to enjoy, both during and post modifications. Mike, a native of Toronto, Ontario, notes that his passion is building cars into his version of what he envisions they can be and that this passion started as a kid playing with Hot Wheels and RC models. His journey in building this modified ZR-1 started in 2013 when he purchased it with 73,000 miles on the clock. Extensive suspension and custom wheel work was performed along with numerous other engine and interior upgrades. Click on the picture above, or the following link, to read Mike's story of how his vision for this ZR-1 turned into a well thought out, distinctive reality.


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