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Blue Bars Trivia and Latest Issue

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Blue Bars is published quarterly for members of the National Council of Corvette Clubs, Inc. (NCCC) and contains NCCC news, news from each of the Regions, member and guest articles, photos, and much more. The latest issue of Blue Bars was mailed to each Primary NCCC member on February 13, 2017. If you did not get your mailed copy, please make sure that your mailing address is kept current in the CCC database through our 4C Governor, Bob Kenworthy. To read the current issue in PDF format, click on the picture above or on the following link:

As for the trivia related to how this publication was named, this topic was discussed during our last Club Meeting on Feb. 8th. From the NCCC website, "[...Back in the early days when Chevy was still involved in racing programs, and just as the Corvette was beginning to mature as a sports car (meaning mid-to-late '50s), the factory race teams all had their Corvettes painted white with two, wide, blue stripes running from the grille, back over the hood and deck to the back end of the car. These stripes were referred to in racing jargon of the day as "bars"...thus the name.]" Now you know something that is a good trivia question to spring on an unsuspecting, friendly Corvette aficionado!!!


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