Allen and Rita Schecht

For the past few yrs, I would tease Allen that he was in the beginning stages of his "mid-life" crisis. He had always liked sports cars & pointing out that one day he would turn that dream into reality.....well, that day arrived last September when he took the plunge and purchased his 2017 Grand Sport. 

I'll be honest, I initially did not share in his enthusiasm for the whole sports car thing, much less a Corvette. My idea of the perfect car had back seats w/ plenty of leg room & didn't exceed 80 mph. Well, since we already had that, along with the fact that we became recent empty nesters, Allen was convinced it was time. I was resigned to the idea that this was going to be HIS venture & that I was going to take ukele lessons in the meantime. He'd ask me to go to these car events & at first I declined. Next thing I know, he came home one night & said he signed us up for a membership with a Corvette Club. Admittedly, my stubborness was resistant to the idea. Somehow, he convinced me to go w/ him to one of the dinner gatherings happening near our house...I mean, after all, I was hungry! I met several members who welcomed us w/ such warmth & enthusiasm & I felt an instant kinship! I then went to the next car event & had a great time and here I am, writing our bio!

Allen & I met 25 years ago at the gym while he was working out w/ his buddies & eventually we all became friends. We all went bowling one night & Allen & I made a bet. If he won, I was to wash & wax his truck & if I won, he was to brush my hair for 10 minutes. Needless-to-say, my hair felt silky soft & tangle-free at the end of the night....and the rest is history! If you ask him, he'll tell you he let me win! Little did he know, I had been on a bowling league.

Allen grew up in Ft. Lauderdale, FL but moved here w/ his dad at 18. He is the owner of Colorado Custom Ironworks, Inc. for the past 20 yrs. I am from the bay area in northern Cali. & joined the Air Force at 18. After doing a 27 month tour in Guam, I got stationed at Lowry AFB, Colorado for the next 8 yrs. & after Lowry closed, I decided to make Colorado my permanent home. I was a dental assistant thereafter for the next 20 yrs and now manage a clothing boutique in Castle Pines.

Allen & I have 3 sons (2 from my previous marriage), four grandchildren & one on the way! And we have 2 dogs. On our free time we like to go camping (or "glamping" as our friends call it since it's in an rv) & boating. We have been members at a private lake in Wiggins, CO. where we do a lot of wakeboarding, wakesurfing, & being w/ family & friends. We've had many vacations, Hawaii being our favorite, especially Maui. But, no matter where we go, we are always grateful to live in Colorado.

Though we are still Corvette "virgins", we look forward to our new adventure & learning from the veterans and making new friends. And who knows, maybe one day I can play a song on my ukele while Allen takes me for a ride in the 'vette!

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