Rick Queneau and Nikki Gee

Nikki and I have been married for 20 years. We met while working on the C17 program at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California; interesting story there but that’s for another time. My career path has been all over the place. I spent several years in various construction trades and as a commercial diver in the offshore oilfield & shoreline construction industry. I finally decided to give that up and get an engineering degree. That’s how I wound up at McDonnell Douglas. Nikki was with McDonnell Douglas since college. (Boeing bought McDonnell Douglas.) I left aerospace in 2004 and started a new career as an IT Solutions Architect (Sales). In 2005, both of our employers asked if we’d consider moving to Colorado; a strange coincidence to be sure. We moved to Colorado and settled in a community called Chenango which is now part of Centennial. 

Skip ahead to 2018 – After leaving Raytheon in 2017, Nikki is now retired. That is to say she is no longer working and doesn’t have any immediate plans to change that situation. I now work for Zayo Group as a Cloud Solutions Architect. 

We have two children; Nicholas ‘Niko’, who is 19, and Rikki, who is 16. She’s the one seen daydreaming in the Z06. I also have two children from a prior marriage; Nicole, 29, and Ryan, 26. We also have two dogs, a cat and a few koi fish.

Nikki was born in Vallejo, California. She grew up in Davis, California and then Portland Oregon. She drives a 2018 CTS-V Championship Edition, which is basically a 640HP Z06 with a back seat. I was born in Montreal, Canada and for the most part, grew up in Long Beach, California when my family moved there in the 60’s. My father worked for McDonnell Douglas too.

I’m a ‘do it yourself’ type from way back. In fact, I pretty much built my first car from junk. I’ve had a few friends that have owned Vettes and I’ve helped work on those. One guy in particular used to race them. Dick Durant, a former SCCA racer and I used to work together and carpool in a 63 red convertible. That may have been where I caught the bug.

The pictured Z06 is my first Vette. You know what they say, “Go Big or Go Home!” We had looked at getting one a few years ago but life got in the way and we postponed it. I’m actually kind of glad we waited because I really like the C7 body style more. I also like the 650HP. I went out to Bowling Green to build my engine (told you I’m a do it yourself type) and then went to the National Corvette Museum a month later to pick up the car and drive it home. I highly recommend both of those options if you order a new Supercharged Corvette.

Nikki and I love the Colorado outdoors. I think one of her favorite places to go is The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. There’s also the occasional drive into the mountains to view fall colors or go hiking. We’ve also been doing a lot of home remodeling projects lately since eventually both of us will be retired and we’ll most likely downsize to a smaller place someday; as long as there’s enough garage space!!! Since joining the 4C in 2016, I try to alternate weekends between car shows and events and home projects. It’s nice to stay busy…….

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