John Parker

In the beginning.

A long time ago, I was born in East Cleveland Ohio. I graduated high school there worked in a couple of gas stations and then a factory. I have been a "gear head" all my life. And the draft came along. I joined the Air Force to avoid the draft. I spent 3 1/2 years in the Air Force. (intelligence??). I was stationed in the Philippines for 18 months. After the service I decided to work for the phone company. I started in Ohio Bell. I married a telephone company girl. We bought a 1978 Corvette new L82 4 speed. I was always in to cars. I was divorced in 1979. In 1981, I decided to transfer to Mountain states telephone in Phoenix. The Corvette and I and a small trailer took all I owned there. 

I was working in an office building in Downtown Phoenix and would be drinking coffee and reading the paper every morning and saw an interesting young lady coming in to get her coffee and go back out. I watched Clara for several weeks before she came over to me and asked me what her horoscopes said. So I guess she was hitting on me. She didn't want anybody to know that she was dating somebody from the company, she worked for Mountain Bell too. I wasn't to talk to her if I saw her in the elevator, I couldn't call her and leave a message with anybody. This went on for six months. We laughed about it for years. She was very conservative with money and I was just the opposite. She made it her life's work to change me and I made her job hard. She won out but because of that we were able to retire very early. She wanted to learn to play golf so we both learn to play golf.

In 1994 my job was reengineered to Denver. So we both transferred up here. We bought a house in Littleton. We both worked in the same building now for US West. We both retired in 2002 with over 32 years for Ma Bell now Quest. 

She once asked me why I subscribed to Corvette magazines? She said "you will never own another one." I told her if I can't own one at least I can read about them.

Unfortunately, into 2012 she was diagnosed with stomach cancer. After a 15-month fight that she never gave up, we lost. While she was in the hospital she told me "if I don't make it you can buy a Corvette".

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