Greg and Patti Palmer

I am a proud Colorado native, raised in the Congress Park neighborhood of east Denver. My twin brother and I are the youngest of 9 kids, so I'm used to getting my way...yeah, right. My wife Patti and I were married just 6 months after "meeting" on eHarmony.  Have you seen us on their TV commercial?  Neither have we.  We're both on our 2nd marriage and together have 6 now adult children.  We're a Brady Bunch, having 3 boys and 3 girls.  Currently, we're empty-nesters - which for those of you who aren't there yet is AWESOME!  We have the best of all worlds - all kids are out of the house but all live near us.  We also have 5 amazing grandchildren.  I retired from Bell Plumbing & Heating Company in December after 22 years.  I was their President / CEO for the final third of that tenure, and even briefly owned the company.  The Bells and I sold out which gave me the opportunity to retire.  Patti is a pre-op nurse at Parker Adventist Hospital and works part time but gets full-time benefits, which allows me to screw around as much as I do.


I'm not really a motor head whatsoever.  My fascination with Corvettes goes back to my high school days.  To me, they were simply fast American made cars that look incredibly cool.  Joining the club and meeting all of you has been my welcome education to the mechanics within the car.  When I bought my 2009 crystal red convertible my kids couldn't believe I finally did what I've been yakking about for 30 years.  Patti likes the car but is far from the enthusiast I am.  In fact, she thinks she can beat me in a drag race with her Mini Cooper.  Other than that delusion, she's an amazing lady.  In fact, to her credit, most of the people I've let drive my car (kids and siblings) stall it at some point.  The one time she drove it, this 5'5" stick-shift raised Wyoming girl absolutely tore up the friggin' road.  At the end of the ride she calmly looked at me and said "Ok, I can see why you like this thing'.  I'm sure I fell even more in love with her that day.

With Patti's light work schedule, we travel a lot, thus the reason I make every other 4C meeting or so.  We're also very active with our kids and grandkids and have a cabin in the mountains that we go to year around.  Personally I hike as often as I can, play a ton of golf, bike, hook up with friends/family and take as many Corvette trips as humanly possible.  I used to drive the Vette sparingly, keeping the mileage low until a friend told me "Not driving your Corvette is like not having sex with your wife, saving her for the next guy".  That's all I needed to hear - if the roads I'm traveling are paved and dry, I'm in the Vette!!!

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