Tom and Diane Johnson

The Johnsons are from South Dakota--Tom from Sioux Falls and Diane from Vermillion. While in South Dakota they didn't know each other, even though Diane and Tom graduated from the University of South Dakota (USD). One May '66 spring morning, cupid's arrow happened. Diane, stranded, was unable to move out of her parking space in front of the Denver Heidelberg Apartments. At that fateful moment, Tom happened by and asked his friend to move his Corvette to free Diane's auto. Cupid's arrow found its target as Tom noticed a USD sweatshirt and its charming occupant. A romance sparked and flamed which continues with passion to this day.

Diane became a high school business teacher. Tom spent 18 years in the cable TV business with Bill Daniels. Tom' s role was in Marketing and later was in charge of the company's cable TV systems. Along the way, Tom led the Daniel's sports ventures in Boxing (the Denver Rocks and Ron Lyle) and the Indianapolis red, white & blue race car driven by 'hard luck' Lloyd Ruby. The honorary Indy pit-crew of the Bill Daniel's Cablevision Special was the three Apollo 12 Astronauts.

Diane and Tom have two children who are both married and live within 20 minutes from the Johnson home in the foot-hills. Diane and Tom are delighted to have their first grand-child, Matthew, who is now 14 months old.

Tom's first Corvette is a 1984 which he recently gave to his son and wife. Now, Tom and Diane are proud owners of their dream Corvette, a new Crystal Red 2015 C7 Stingray Z51 convertible that they picked up in November 2014.  

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