Jim Hardman
in Memoriam
Oct. 28, 1961 - Mar. 5, 2018

Happy to be a new member.  I first heard about the club last year when I met Les at the Friday night cruise-in at the Sonic in Aurora.  He told me about the club and later invited me to join your club caravan up to the car show at Purifoy Chevrolet last summer.  What a great time that was as I had never been part of a Corvette caravan before.  I meant to join the club last year, but life got busy and then winter set in, so I made it a priority to join this spring as the members that I met last year made me feel so welcome.

I was born in Salt Lake Utah and spent the better part of my early years moving from place to place as my dad worked for Shell Oil at the time and transferred him every year or so.  It was during this time that my dad bought a 1931 Ford Model A coupe to restore, so I spent many weekends and evenings in the garage helping my dad restore the old Ford.  I’ve had a passion for cars since then.  We finally moved to Colorado when I was 14 and settled in the town of Evergreen.  My parents still live there and my dad still tinkers with Model A’s.  He has three of them now.  I’m single and have one daughter.  She is 23, and a recent college graduate from Northern Colorado with a degree in teaching.

I work for Great-West Life in the Denver Tech Center as a Software Engineer, primarily responsible for developing and maintaining internal websites and databases.

My first experience with Corvettes came when an uncle let me drive his 1985 C4, and later a family friend bought a 1965 Corvette coupe with knock-off wheels and side pipes.  After driving those two cars, I knew that I would have to get a Vette someday.  I found my current and only Corvette (so far) about two years ago.  It is a 2003 coupe.

Other hobbies of mine include golf, woodworking, spending time with my daughter and helping my dad with his Model A’s.  My best vacation would be any trip to Las Vegas.  I also like to go to Florida when it’s frigid here in Colorado.

I am looking forward to meeting other club members and enjoying as many club activities that I can.

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