John Goggin

Pecos Valley farm boy.  Degreed in mathematics and computer science.  Moved to Colorado in 1979 to ski, still here.  Career as a software developer and reliability/quality engineer, retired from designing and building rockets, spaceships, and satellites.  Retired rock & ice climber, climbing instructor/guide.  Climbed all over the world including most of the Seven Summits, all the Colorado Centennials (100 highest), Lizard Head, the three highest peaks in N. America, Matterhorn, Ferrari route of Alpamayo, Kain Face of Robson, etc. etc.


When my worn-out knees dictated a retirement from my climbing passion which had consumed me for a couple of decades, I needed something to do, and it was then I rediscovered my dormant passion for fast, high powered cars.  As a young boy I vowed to drive Route 66 in a Vette, so one of the first things I did as a software retiree was to do it in my then-recently acquired C6 Z06.  (I waited a very long time to get my first Vette—check the license plate.)  In high school I took auto shop, where I built a dune buggy from a wrecked ’56 Caddy and built the first mid-engined car in Roswell, NM when I blueprinted a 327 from a wrecked Vette and dropped it into the back seat of my ’65 Corvair.  That was the fastest car I ever owned until my Z06, which with the benefit of a new 635hp (est.) LS7 engine and race brakes has clocked a 175 mph standing start mile and a 1:59 lap at High Plains Raceway, where I regularly run laps with and instruct for the Porsche Club.


When not tracking/driving/wrenching/polishing the Vette, I ski, hunt, and shoot, and wonder how my wife Lorna puts up with it all.  (We met in climbing school where she was a student and I was the assistant director.)  We live on a few acres in Park County where the you-can-hear-the-elk-fart silence is occasionally disturbed by the Vette’s dual-mode exhaust opening up!  It’s a beautiful thing.

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