Brodie and Sherron Garnett

Sherron and I were both born in Denver, Colorado the same year and in the same hospital.  Sherron’s parents moved to the Lakewood area in 1955, and my family moved from Denver to Lakewood in 1953.  We both attended Jefferson County high schools (Alameda and Wheat Ridge), but we didn’t actually meet one another until our freshman year at Colorado State University in 1964.

I graduated from CSU in 1968 with a business degree, and Sherron had transferred over to Colorado State College (now known as University of Northern Colorado) and graduated in 1969 with a teaching degree.  We were married 6 weeks after Sherron’s graduation.

We had two sons, Brodie and Brandon and both boys grew up in Lakewood.

For me, the Corvette experience started when my father brought home a brand new 1960 Corvette purchased from Red-White Chevrolet located on West Colfax.  I was 14 years old.  It was ermine white with a turquoise interior and was a fuel injected 290 horse-powered, four speed.  Over a six-year period he owned four other Corvettes including a ’62 fuelie, a pair of 327’s and finally a 1966 427.

At the ripe old age of 20, I purchased the last Corvette he ever owned.  I’m pictured with the 1966 427 coupe in 1968.  It was Nassau Blue and a white interior, teak/telescope, 4-speed with air conditioning.  It was “loaded” and being brand new, it priced out at $5,800.  I purchased it from my dad with all the money I had in the world for $4,200.  I just had to have a Corvette!

In 1969 when Sherron and I got married, I sold the car of my dreams, and bought a more practical car.  I figured I could buy another Corvette at any time, but life didn’t quite work out that way.  We started a family, and both of us had careers to pursue.  I squandered the 70’s on some really horrible cars, but they were all we could afford at the time.

By 1984, I had to have a ‘new’ Corvette.  The C4 was really a breakthrough Corvette, particularly after the C3 had languished for many years in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  After buying our first C4, we owned several other C4’s over the years.  When the boys were grown and moved away, we moved to the Grant Ranch in Littleton to a patio home with a 3-car garage.  What do you do with a 3-car garage?  Well, you fill at least one of the stalls up with a Corvette!

In 2002, I sold my 1991 C4 and waited for something to ‘catch my eye’.  Along came the 2004 Z06.  It was hard to argue with 405 horsepower.  It was a black beauty with red interior.  I still know the man who owns that great car.

Once we had the car, and the time, we joined the Looking Glass Corvette Association.  We wanted to have some fun with other Corvette owners, and this club was located in Lakewood.  We belonged to LGCA for 8 years.  I produced a 28-page newsletter for the club called “Reflections”, and Sherron was on several committees, and was also the Membership Chairperson for several years.  It was in that Club, we first met Les and Kelly Rhoades.

At one time, we actually owned 2 Corvettes, but when the great recession came I decided to sell the 2004 Z06 and prepare for retirement.  We kept the 2008 6-speed C6 Coupe.  I liked the C6, but when I saw the C7, I knew I had to have it.  It really is the car it’s cracked up to be.

After buying the C7, it was time to move onto another Corvette Club.  We decided to check out Down the Road which was meeting at Emich Chevrolet.  We went to one of their meetings, and once again ran into Les and Kelly Rhoades.  We did not join DTR, but instead joined the Colorado Corvette Club that meets out of Stevinson Chevrolet in Golden. 

After being in the 3C’s for a little over a year, we found out that Les and Kelly and several other people had left DTR, and had formed a brand new club called the Central Colorado Corvette Club.  We attended one of the meetings, and ended up joining the next meeting.

In 1974, Sherron retired from teaching with Denver Public Schools.  Then she retired once again, after 17 years from Oracle in 2011 as an account manager. Following my graduation from CSU, I worked in the real estate business for 45 years as a lender, broker and appraiser and have been retired for over 3 years.

Corvettes have been part of our life for more than 50 years…..what a car!  We now feel blessed for being able to own so many along the way, and especially for all of the wonderful people it has brought into our lives. Save the Wave!

Sherron and Brodie

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