Walt and Michele Curtis

So, who are Walt and Michele?  We met when we were 17 and we’re best friends.  We grew up in 2 small towns in upstate New York, Honeoye Lake and Honeoye Falls.  Michele got the lake and Walt got the Falls.  Walt is a retired Navy Chief  (Seabee) and works from home for a large trucking company based in Arkansas, and Michele works in Federal Pricing for CH2M (formerly CH2M HILL).  We have one son, Todd, who owns Curtis Automotive in Honeoye, 5 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.

We enjoy camping, which we haven’t done in a LONG time.  We started out with a 2 person tent into which we squeezed 6 year old Todd.  Then moved up to a pickup with a shell (Todd slept on the front seat), then up to a slide-in for the truck (with a bathroom), and finally a trailer (with a tub!!!!)  Our camping group was fun – a lot like our new Corvette club family ready to go almost anywhere at any time!  We really enjoy planning and running in Mystery Meals and have another in the planning stage.  

If you’ve talked with Walt you know he’s a thorough bred car fan!  Get him going and he’ll tell you how he and is best friend in high school had identical 57 Chevys, but not enough money between them for gas, girls and plates. So one had a front plate and the other had the back plate.  Like I said, it was a small town!

Walt has raced go karts since 1959 and had a karting business in New York.  He retired from karting in 2010 and sold the business.  Feeling the need for speed, he bought his first Corvette, 2000 bowling green coupe.  No, he could not leave it stock.  If you ever followed it, you know what I mean!  Next up was an 2013 Z06 Anniversary Coupe that he drives like a big go kart.  Then in early 2016, a new black C7 Z06 found its way to Walt's driveway.  

Michele enjoys the Corvette, but loves her Mustang - her love and dream car for 40+ years.  In 2013 Walt found her a Metallic Red 2006 GT Convertible in California.  Car had 5,056 miles on it (not a misprint).  We flew to San Diego and drove it home.  Michele loves and looks forward to the sunny days to enjoy it.  For Christmas 2015, a new C7 Z51 convertible was delivered by Santa which probably gave Walt incentive for the Z06!

We now live in New York but previously lived in Castle Rock and collectively we have lived in Canandaigua NY, Kingsville TX, Port Hueneme, Santa Barbara, San Diego, California, Viet Nam, Diego Garcia (an island in the Indian Ocean), Bermuda, and Highlands Ranch. And this is how we got to Castle Rock from New York!

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