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4C Wins National Corvette Museum Awards

September 3, 2018 

2018 NCM Best Newsletter Central Colorado Corvette Club
2018 NCM Best Website Award Central Colorado Corvette Club

Corvette Clubs and Museum Ambassadors received awards and recognition as part of the National Corvette Museum’s 24th Anniversary Celebration August 30 – September 1, 2018. Each year, Corvette Clubs are invited to submit their newsletters and websites for a judged competition. The materials are critiqued not only on content and design, but also on the promotion of the Museum.


Taking top honors for the Best Newsletter category was Central Colorado Corvette Club with 1st Place; Corvette Club of America, Inc. with 2nd Place; and Corvette Club of Hawaii with 3rd Place.


In the category of Best Website, for 1st Place there was a two-way tie between Venice Florida Corvettes and Texas Corvette Association; Corvette Club of Santa Barbara took 2nd Place while Central Colorado Corvette Club racked up 3rd Place

Thanks to the National Corvette Museum for recognizing our club with these awards and thanks to Les Rhoades, 4C Newsletter Editor, and Mark Harkleroad, 4C Webmaster, for all the work that they have put into producing and publishing information about our club, its sponsor, and our activities. 

Read more about the awards presented at the 24th Anniversay Celebration here:

4C and the National Corvette Museum

February 16, 2018 By: Dave Effler

Since its inception just a few short years ago the Central Colorado Corvette Club (4C) has had a strong connection to the National Corvette Museum (NCM). Many 4C members have been long time supporters of the museum. Most club members are annual members along with three being Lifetime members of the museum. Over the past year there has been a movement within 4C about the Club becoming a lifetime member of the NCM. Those discussions became a reality during our November business meeting. Our club sponsor Kent Bozarth of Bozarth Chevrolet attended the meeting and graciously offered to pay for that membership.

Our club banner which was posted at the entrance to the museum for the last year was recently brought back to the Club by Barrett Benson, one of our members who attended the NCM 23rd Anniversary Celebration in September. Barrett was able
to get the banner signed by 18 Corvette luminaries including 15 NCM Hall of Fame members. The Club recently presented the banner to our sponsor, in appreciation for all he has done to support us. He has since mounted the banner in a prominent place just outside the dealership executive offices for all to see.


Two 4C members have won the bi-monthly NCM Corvette Raffle. Dave & Susan Effler won a 2015 Shark Gray Coupe in November of 2014 and Robert Adams won a 2017 Grand Sport Heritage Package Coupe in June of 2017. We like to say we are the luckiest club in Colorado! Dave & Susan’s car was also the 10,000th Corvette to be delivered at the museum. The Club has several members who have taken delivery of their new Corvettes at the museum. Ask any of them and they will gladly tell you the experience is well worth the cost. In addition to NCM deliveries, many of our members have stopped by for a visit. Others have traveled out for both the annual NCM Bash in April and the Museum Anniversary celebration. With two club members being the Co-Captains for the 2019 National Corvette Caravan we see nothing but a continued connection with the museum

Central Colorado Covette Club NCM Banner
National Corvette Museum Parking Lot Banner

March 24, 2017

The Central Colorado Corvette Club participated in the National Corvette Museum's Parking Lot Banner program for 2016-2017. This program is an important fund raising activity for the NCM and is put on annually by the museum.  The 4C are honored to have our banner displayed at the museum and proud that our donation contributes to the museum in a meaningful manner. 

Each August the National Corvette Museum changes out the banners in the parking lot. The banners are available for a $500 donation. Banners are available to car clubs and related organizations. Clubs may provide completed high res artwork for their banner, or the Museum can design the banners using a logo and up to four lines of text provided by the banner sponsor.


The banners stay up for one year, after which time the banners are given to the organization to keep. Banners are raised mid August. To learn more about this program go to:

Our club banner was located near the number 9 in the museum facility picture below. To see pictures of all the current NCM parking lot banners, go to:

NCM Ambassador Banner 1024x296.JPG
Congratulations: Dave Effler & Barrett Benson

December 2016

(Posted in our October 2016 Newsletter) As part of the Museum’s Anniversary Celebration, a luncheon and meeting was held for our contingency of NCM Ambassadors.  We are proud that two of our 4C club members, Dave Effler and Barrett Benson, have achieved Master Ambassador status. Congratulations!

The purpose of the Ambassador Program is to provide Corvette clubs/organizations a two way communication link to the NCM. This program provides several opportunities to offer support through participation and involvement in the functions of the Museum. Corvette clubs/organizations can play an important role in the mission of the National Corvette Museum by providing the NCM and its staff guidance and assistance. Ambassadors can accumulate points for their efforts in promoting and supporting the Museum, and those who earn 200 or more points in a year are recognized as achieving Master Ambassador status. This year, 62 of our 375 Ambassadors were recognized. Thank you to all of our Ambassadors for your support in promoting the Museum. 

Check out the National Corvette Museum's website regarding this announcement. 

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