Keith Bennett

In 1963, while living in a Detroit suburb, my Dad took me to the annual Car Cruise on the world famous Woodward Avenue.  My eyes were popping out of my head, but it was when the new Corvette went by that I lost my breath.  I turned to my Dad and said “someday I will own one of those”.  That day a dream started. 

Over the years many opportunities to buy a Corvette presented themselves but other priorities, like eating, child raising, education and home ownership, won out.  Fast forward 53 years; a marriage of 43 years is good, both children are grown and educated and the house is paid for.  An amazing deal for a 2000 C5 convertible is on my doorstep – The Dream Comes True!! 

Now I must find a Corvette club so that I can learn about these engineering masterpieces.  My path and that of Central Colorado Corvette Club cross. 

So who is Keith Bennett?  He is married to Diane and after 43 years it looks like the marriage will work out O.K..  We have two grown children, Kris and Heather, and both live in the greater Denver area. Many years ago I started a hobby of taking pictures while living in Seattle. 

After winning an amateur photographer award, I thought this would be a great way to make a living.  Upon closer inspection I realized it was a great way to starve.  This now was added to the “someday” list or Bucket list. 

I spent many years in Corporate America and worked primarily in venture backed technology companies.  In 1998 I was part of a team that raised $100 million for a communications startup of a national scope.  When 911 happened, all bets were off and investments stopped as we, as a country, were not too sure what the future held.  With years of travel under my belt, I felt the time was ripe for the big change.  Keith Bennett Photography ( became a reality and to this day is what I do for a living. 

Before becoming an avid Corvette owner, I raced sailboats as a way to relax.  It also is a great way to have a glass of wine and spend quality time with my wife. 

Diane and I are excited as we enter into the 4th quarter and she is recently retired from Cherry Creek School District so we can spend time together.  We hope to get a trip to Italy in as that is where she spent her teen years. I carefully introduced my 2000 C5 as my “first Corvette” so that gives you my future direction along with picture taking. 

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